Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Reason for Everything...

So... sometimes I'm a softie! And sometimes.. that can get me in trouble.

Like most retailers, our bathroom is not public. You can strut your happy little butt down the hall to the conveniently and strategically placed public restrooms which I'm sure you've passed at least once in your shopping escapades today- and will pass again.

So normally when people ask if they can use our bathroom, we politely decline and point them in the direction of the nearest public. Aside from the legal responsibility of what would happen if they got hurt back there, or stole something, it's just not fun to clean up after more people than you have to, right?

Today, a little 5 foot old lady, had to be in her 80s at least; wandered in and gave me the saddest, puppy dog eyes and asked "May I pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase use your restroom?" and I got the feeling she might mess her pants if I didn't let her. So, what do I do? Let her go back. I had my freight person watch the door so she wouldn't come out and wander or get too snoopy, and so she could point her in the right direction out. I went back on the floor.

20 minutes later when I ventured back, there is a RANK smell.. not just contained to the bathroom, but had been spreading down the hall, through my office and gosh knows where else. The little old lady is long gone, but her memory is not.

Thus, the reason for not letting people use our private bathroom... Understood.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Update! *WITH PICS!*

There it is! You guys have been asking for a bump picture since I announced this pregnancy- so there you go! :)

I'm 23 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe it. In a few quick weeks I'll be in the third trimester. That's a little scary. I had just gotten over anxieties and nervousness about the pregnancy at the end of the first trimester, so what, then? The second trimester is the 'only sane' trimester you have? what the eff?!?
For me at least, the fear of 'time's running out' comes over me when I think of the third trimester. Holy cow- where did the first 2/3 of this pregnancy go?!

That means I only have X amount of time to get Baby's nursery set up, create a baby registry and make a list of things I'll have to pick up that aren't on the registry. All that is aside of my work, of course, which as I hit third trimester we also start swinging into Holiday season. My third is going to freaking fly- can you imagine????

Here's a couple more pictures from date night :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ugh! So! I have had the WoRsT headache.

I'm pretty sure I've had all but one of these.. which would be sinus. I would love it if it were sinus, because then I could fix it.

It started Friday morning and ... I still have it. Day 3 of 'ick'. Of course, you all know I work retail and Friday/Saturday are our biggest days of the week. Meaning, I have to be there and I have to be an active part of the team on the floor. So out I went! I do love my team, they were so awesome and were super helpers all day. They worked so hard, helped everyone the RIGHT way and got my store immaculate. I love how they help me out when I need it- makes you feel like you're doing a good job.

Night 2 of headache, still doesn't sleep off. (Other things that haven't worked include: drowning myself with an unbelievable amount of water- eliminating any possibility that I'm dehydrated, resting, de-stressing, Tylenol {approved for baby}, Ibuprofen {approved for baby in 2nd trimester}, a chocolate bar, and a quarter of a 20oz Pepsi {I've been caffeine free throughout this pregnancy *with the exception of maybe 2times}.. Nothing has worked!!) So, I missed church today and sat in the dark bedroom till I couldn't stand it anymore.

When I came out to get some breakfast, I opened the cabinet and this is what I found:

I love my husband.

He never remembers this is my favorite cereal, let alone to buy it for me. Simple ways they show they love us. :)

Oh if love could fix a headache...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News that CANNOT wait!

'Wordless' Wednesday seems suitable to announce that....

If you can't tell... It's a GIRL!!! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Everyone is posting about FALL! It just must be that time, and September must signal that to everyone.

I love change of season. I tend to go through 'spring cleaning' every season... I just deep clean it all, work and home, and it makes me feel so much more fresh for the season!

I especially like fall. It's ideal weather; not too cold, not too hot and pretty pretty rain!

I love.. Boots. Layers. Sweaters. Beanies and Scarves. Fall Colors and Crisp Air.

Mmm. It always seems to come at just the right time! :)

The one thing that makes me sad each fall is this:

This is the university I drive by every day now; I also lived within blocks of a university in our town in Colorado. Just how I roll I guess.


As soon as fall rolls around and school is in session, I get sad.
I miss school. I loved college, and although I couldn't wait to finish so I could start my job/life, I really did enjoy it.

Growing up, I was always one of those nerdy girls that although I was always passing notes and day-dreaming about the cute boys in the class- I loved school. I love learning, being challenged and getting my brain ticking.

I love what I do now, but there's a part of me that misses the books, misses the binders and crazy organization I always had. I do NOT miss homework or tests (I am a HORRIBLE test taker), but I miss learning new things. hmm.

I love fall. I love all it brings.. and I am super excited for this fall's fashion! :) Yay yay yay!

What are you most excited for?

Just Dating...

Just Dating...

Engagement Weekend

Engagement Weekend
The night before he proposed in Kansas City, what an AWESOME weekend!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
This is the picture we sent out on our wedding announcements. :)

Another Engagement Picture

Another Engagement Picture
This is actually one of Buck's faves!


This picture makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! And yes, we are in a phone booth! :)

The Day Before Our Wedding!

The Day Before Our Wedding!


I love this picture, because it was the first right after we got married, you can see how happy we were...

Manti Temple

Manti Temple
Here is where we were able to get married. I had my heels off at this point, so our true heights are showing- hill or not; I'm short!

My Wedding Gift to Buck...

My Wedding Gift to Buck...
Our first day married...My horse was ironically named Gator! :) And yes, I know it's disgusting we match... But I love it.

Two Days Married!

Two Days Married!
You can't look at this picture and NOT laugh... can you?

Big Chair!

Big Chair!
Here we are at Bishop's Castle- now THIS is a LoVeSeaT!


SO excited to be MARRIED!