Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it really that time?

So the time has come for my type-a, uber-organized, planning mode to come out!

Do take note though- fellow organizing crazy blog friends- TIME DOES SLIP AWAY FROM YOU DURING PREGNANCY.

Just Sayin.

I started this post when I had 9 weeks left. Thats just shy of an ENTIRE TRIMESTER.

And it's just now getting edited, and posted. (thanks to scheduled posts that are ALL our friends ;) )

Its a little over 3 weeks to due date; meaning time to start the planning of what to pack for the hospital! Have mercy!
Areas to think about:
• things that make me comfortable, quickly.
• things that have the possibility of keeping me entertained/distracted if need be!
• things to munch on (Buck and I are munchers... it happens)
• preferences from my birth plan (if I'm not equipped, how can they be?)
• uh... clothes!? For baby girl, and for moi, of course!

Isn't that the cutest little bag? (and little girl *GUSH*) I can't wait.


Things babycenter.com suggested:
• A photograph or object to focus on during labor
• Snacks to keep your energy up and gum or mints for bad breath
• Cozy socks and slippers
• Your favorite pillow
• Some light reading material
• A nursing nightie and nursing bra
• A going-home outfit for your baby
• A camera or camcorder, fresh batteries, and film, if necessary

After holiday shopping for others turned into a 'two gifts down, one for me' pattern; I can officially check off all the ones I think of as priority.

I got uber-soft Lavender Shea Infused (oo Fancy) socks for the hospital, with grippies on the bottom so I don't slip
----> FOR FREE


I already have the BEST pillow in the world, and I picked up a cute $3 pillowcase from Target...So I don't have germies. Ick.

I have a nursing bra, no picture necessary ;)
I have snacks HIDDEN from Buck and I for the hospital stay... twix, trident white, crackers, oreos, gummies, water bottles- so I don't have to wait to refill- and cup o noodles for Buck in case he gets hungry.
I have cash tucked away with them (we NEVER carry cash, so this will be handy)
I have batteries for my camera.
I have a list of things to grab as I'm grabbing my bag; like the prefilled toiletries case I put together, makeup and hair straightener (hello pictures, call me vain- I don't care!) my phone charger, my laptop, the pillow and pajamas.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I have matching outfits picked out for myself and baby?

I'm sick.

and I love it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


So, most of you know by now I am SUPER-obsessed with Gilmore Girls.

I love it so much I bought the entire dvd set (twice, actually, then I had to resell the second- oops!)
I can sit on a nightly basis and watch show after show... and not tire.

I don't care that I've now officially seen it from start to finish 3x, plus random episodes here and there courtesy of ABC Family, but I will get entranced in each episode and season as if it were the first time.

And.. after one of the Lorelai/Luke breakups. I wanted to shake some sense into Lorelai... Jump back into Luke's arms!! :( Ugh. Stubborn woman.

So there is the 'hate'... but I think it's only a hate because I'm sure if someone were watching my life they would want to shake some sense into me sometimes.

Like the amount of time or hours I put in last week before Christmas.. I know my assistant managers wanted to shake me a couple times. haha.. I just think it will all pay off- but I also think I would go more insane with any additional time to think about making the next 4 weeks of pregnancy fly by. I'm ALSO at the love/hate point in my pregnancy. Joy.

I would also hope I am not the only one who would be getting shook if someone were watching my life.. or that my show wouldn't get cancelled for poor ratings after a season or two. haha

Oh HAPPY MONDAY ahead blog friends!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HELLO HEllo hello ... (echo echo echo)

It's been soooo long since I posted.

I think of you all often, what you're doing and blogging about.. and think of hopping on the computer and blogging about something equally fabulous; and then...

I fall asleep.


I have a solution to my dilemma! Pre-written posts, all I have to do is press Publish! ahh the genius of late-term pregnancy laziness.

Here are some posts to come:
1. Holiday Plans!? (and presents!)
2. Pregnancy and Work
3. Changing relationships: Sariah
4. Cranky butt!
5. Addicted!
6. Holiday Shopping- Retailers and Shoppers- oh yes!
7. Baby Bucket List
8. Not much time left to finish it up!
9. The Art of Compromise: Office turned Nursery
11. Drop it like it's hot...
12. Pre-term labor? Taking it easy (-er...)
13. Nesting: Home and Office
14. Nothing is better in ND than...
15. Take backs?

yes, 15 posts. What an improvement. :) THEN maybe I will get back in the swing of blogging when I'm on maternity leave with nothing to do but take care of the lil one and sleep. ;)

I miss you all! HOPE ALL IS WELL!!!! *HUGS*

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fill in the Blank ____Day :)

1. Holiday spirit is better in a small town. People run at a different pace of life, and although there is still an element of madness in the air people laugh a lot more and have a lot more fun.. It's as if the season hasn't gotten lost in the retail chaos that pays my bills ;) it is rather refreshing!

2. The holidays are incomplete without hot cocoa, family, Christmas trees, pjs, movies and naps :)

3. My favorite things to do around the holidays is bake. Cookies. Cinnamon Rolls. Holiday Treats. Classic meals for around the table. I like shopping for other people.. although not much for myself. haha

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is non-existent. Buck and I have started one of our own though: we sleep in, get up and make breakfast together, eat while watching a classic Christmas flick and by then end of the meal the child in each of us is cringing in excitement for opening presents. What good feelings!! I can't wait to see what traditions form once baby girl is here!

5. Holiday music is just something I've come to love. We gradually increase our holiday themed music at work the closer it gets to Christmas- but I love the classics, the remixes and the ones that make you giggle! I don't listen to it anywhere else though, it's quite enough 40+ hrs a week!

6. This year, I'll be spending the holidays at my house with Father in Law visiting :) Parents are in FL, but we got lucky and in-laws moved about 3hrs from us. It'll be the first Christmas we've had together with family, normally it's just Buck and I--- and Sariah ;)

7. Holiday wish list: Oh my gosh this is soo hard! I have no idea what I want... So I will just list some things on my to-list before baby (WHICH IS ONLY 4WKS AFTER CHRISTMAS~AH!). 1. Gift cards to fulfill my baby registry at Target. 2. Pretty highlights and flattering cut to look so pretty in all those first pictures. 3. My nails done 2 more times, and 1 good pedicure before baby comes. 4. Solid days with my husby to keep both of our sanity through the holidays and crunch time. 5. A new camera.. I would LOVE a dslr BUT I think thats a little far-fetched, so even a new higher megapixel zoom Nikon will suffice until I save away what I need for a fancy-pants cam! 6. New scriptures and case- the story of what happened to mine is sad and for another day! 7. 2 more fluffy pillows for our bed- I'm ALL about comfy right now.
I feel like my list is very pamper-y, somewhat expensive but somewhat realistic. We shall see, but I will be soo grateful for whatever finds its way under my tree! :)


Just Dating...

Just Dating...

Engagement Weekend

Engagement Weekend
The night before he proposed in Kansas City, what an AWESOME weekend!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
This is the picture we sent out on our wedding announcements. :)

Another Engagement Picture

Another Engagement Picture
This is actually one of Buck's faves!


This picture makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! And yes, we are in a phone booth! :)

The Day Before Our Wedding!

The Day Before Our Wedding!


I love this picture, because it was the first right after we got married, you can see how happy we were...

Manti Temple

Manti Temple
Here is where we were able to get married. I had my heels off at this point, so our true heights are showing- hill or not; I'm short!

My Wedding Gift to Buck...

My Wedding Gift to Buck...
Our first day married...My horse was ironically named Gator! :) And yes, I know it's disgusting we match... But I love it.

Two Days Married!

Two Days Married!
You can't look at this picture and NOT laugh... can you?

Big Chair!

Big Chair!
Here we are at Bishop's Castle- now THIS is a LoVeSeaT!


SO excited to be MARRIED!