Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it really that time?

So the time has come for my type-a, uber-organized, planning mode to come out!

Do take note though- fellow organizing crazy blog friends- TIME DOES SLIP AWAY FROM YOU DURING PREGNANCY.

Just Sayin.

I started this post when I had 9 weeks left. Thats just shy of an ENTIRE TRIMESTER.

And it's just now getting edited, and posted. (thanks to scheduled posts that are ALL our friends ;) )

Its a little over 3 weeks to due date; meaning time to start the planning of what to pack for the hospital! Have mercy!
Areas to think about:
• things that make me comfortable, quickly.
• things that have the possibility of keeping me entertained/distracted if need be!
• things to munch on (Buck and I are munchers... it happens)
• preferences from my birth plan (if I'm not equipped, how can they be?)
• uh... clothes!? For baby girl, and for moi, of course!

Isn't that the cutest little bag? (and little girl *GUSH*) I can't wait.


Things babycenter.com suggested:
• A photograph or object to focus on during labor
• Snacks to keep your energy up and gum or mints for bad breath
• Cozy socks and slippers
• Your favorite pillow
• Some light reading material
• A nursing nightie and nursing bra
• A going-home outfit for your baby
• A camera or camcorder, fresh batteries, and film, if necessary

After holiday shopping for others turned into a 'two gifts down, one for me' pattern; I can officially check off all the ones I think of as priority.

I got uber-soft Lavender Shea Infused (oo Fancy) socks for the hospital, with grippies on the bottom so I don't slip
----> FOR FREE


I already have the BEST pillow in the world, and I picked up a cute $3 pillowcase from Target...So I don't have germies. Ick.

I have a nursing bra, no picture necessary ;)
I have snacks HIDDEN from Buck and I for the hospital stay... twix, trident white, crackers, oreos, gummies, water bottles- so I don't have to wait to refill- and cup o noodles for Buck in case he gets hungry.
I have cash tucked away with them (we NEVER carry cash, so this will be handy)
I have batteries for my camera.
I have a list of things to grab as I'm grabbing my bag; like the prefilled toiletries case I put together, makeup and hair straightener (hello pictures, call me vain- I don't care!) my phone charger, my laptop, the pillow and pajamas.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention that I have matching outfits picked out for myself and baby?

I'm sick.

and I love it.


d.a.r. said...

Maybe only you will appreciate this, but about a year ago I read someone's blog about what they packed for the hospital and I totally started my own excel spreadsheet based on what other people said they brought/needed.

Keep in mind. I was not pregnant then. And I am not right now.

But it doesn't hurt to be prepared, does it? Hahahaa!

Kellie said...

1. Don't forget the carseat for safe travel home
2. A list of names & numbers of people (including us) for Buck to call announcing her arrival
3. Patience
4. Patience
5. & more Patience!

Love you much

Brigitte said...

Hello Ashton,
I just love reading your blog! I love the layout, the pictures, and the way you write. I admire you so much, and I have been patiently waiting to comment on your blog. You are so very close to your due date, to meet your little bundle of amazing joy. I am so excited for you!! Huggles to you, and lots of them! I can not wait to get to know you better!
Ps- Your package is in the mail. Enclosed is a note of my major lateness and as to why :(
Email me: Virgogal1979@gmail.com
& to be a reader of my blog, I need to add you. :)

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