Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

I know you have ALL been anxiously awaiting this one!
---~~~***BABY SHOWER***~~~---

I feel so lucky that I've met such wonderful people since moving to NoDak.

They're the same pictures just two different collages :) I recently discovered Google Picasa and I stinkin LOVE IT! I do not think I will EVER post pictures from my life ever again without using it. That's how much I love it, friends.

ANYWAY, the Baby Shower was December 4, 2010, and there were about 10 that came to the shin-dig. Perfect. Small. Intimate.. You were able to eat, have conversation and not feel like you had to go crazy trying to talk/entertain everyone and play hostess. I like low-key.

And OF COURSE there was good food. I wish I would have gotten pictures, but I'm pretty sure I was too busy trying to devour it all.
It was potluck style,\; and there were from-scratch chocolate cupcakes with homemade icing and little pink icing shoes with laces on top; there were AMAZING meatballs, homemade taquitos, all kinds of chocolates, pineapple upside down cake, fruits... MMM! I have to stop typing because I am currently STILL PREGNANT and HAVE NONE OF THIS IN MY HOUSE!

...and I didn't mean for it to be, but it was literally a 'Baby' shower. I didn't realize till we were all together that majority of my new friends here are new mamas too.
Lol, I guess it's what you're drawn to when you move somewhere new and you're preggo...

For the record, I would have been 33 weeks pregnant in these pictures. All belly, and the belly is still- just a basketball.

I can't believe all of this is almost over... 3 Days till I'm a mom!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Planning Cram Session!

So after yesterday's freak out... I did a little bit of this:

Went to BurgerTime for a chocolate shake and hubs got a mushroom swiss burger, and we just drove around and talked. I love time like that. I was his #1 concern, and everything that mattered to us was in that car.. Me, him and our little one- who is a stubborn and difficult soul, but healthy :)

Then I commenced research and planning mode!

I read everything I could get my hands on about c-sections, and breach babies.

It's not going to be THAT bad. I have officially re-written my birth plan, and this morning am making a list of things to do each day so that I am ready by Monday.
I was planning on working till I went into labor (I saw it as wasting maternity leave if I was just at home without baby- so I might as well work to pass the time, right?)
I called my boss and told him the change of plans. He's an awesome guy, and his wife just had a baby almost 4 weeks ago.. so he has heightened compassion ;) Our boss--above him-- just loves babies and is concerned about my health and happiness. I love my job.
I am working mini-shifts today, Friday and Saturday.. and Saturday will be my 'last' day. I'll be off Sunday, and probably go in for our Monday meeting stay a couple hours and ... be done.

I'll finish anything left on the newly revised baby to do list while Buck is at work, and possibly hang out with a couple girlfriends. Tuesday, we'll wrap up anything I couldn't get done by myself, have an appointment to discuss the surgery and have a date day- our last without baby.

I'll get the best night's sleep I can, and head to the hospital by 9:30 Wednesday morning, and countdown the time to baby!

Told you this would be okay!

And just so you believe me.. I am THIS planned:
Here is my new birth plan!

Birth Plan- Ashton D*****
Patient of: Dr. B******, OB/GYN

I would like an ultrasound prior to the C-section to determine whether baby is still breach or not. If she is not, I would prefer to be induced with Pitocin and have a vaginal delivery instead of the cesarean. I do not wish to have a cesarean if it is not necessary as this is my first child.

C- Section
1. Anesthesia: epidural or spinal block? Morphine? to be discussed at Tuesday's appointment about hospital preferences!
2. Please use double-layer sutures when repairing my uterus. If I have a second child, I hope to attempt a VBAC and understand this is a requirement for many doctors.
3. Dissolvable stitches please.
4. I would like urinary catheterization AFTER anesthesia.
5. I would like my husband present for the cesarean, in the room and an active part of every process.
6. Heart monitor volume should be turned down.
7. I would prefer if my arms were not strapped down. I would prefer free movement, and for my husband to be able to hold my hand/arm.
8. He may also take pictures.
9. Warm blankets during surgery requested.

10. I would like to see the baby before she is taken to the table.
11. I would like Buck to be able to cut the umbilical cord if he likes.
12. I would like her cleaned and for me to be able to hold her as soon as possible.
13. Please bring baby close to me while weighing and measuring.
14. I would like to make the decision on whether Buck will be accompanying the baby to the nursery for testing when the time comes. I would prefer all testing and vaccination be done in the same room as me AFTER I have held her.
15. If baby must go to NICU, I would prefer my husband go with her.
16. I would like to hold baby during footprints, bracelets, APGAR and paperwork.
17. No sedatives after surgery, I want to remember baby’s first day of life. Pain medications are okay, but please consent with my husband and me before administration.

After Delivery
18. I would like my baby and spouse to meet me in the recovery room as FAST as possible.
19. I would like to see a lactation specialist soon after we are situated in the room.
20. Between the times the specialist comes and when I have the baby, I would prefer baby does not receive any supplements, formula, pacifiers or sugar water until after we have the lactation specialist helping.
21. If, by chance she comes out a boy; we would prefer to have circumcision done 8 days after the birth.
22. I would prefer the baby sleeps in the room with me, and any testing is done in the room. I do not want her taken for testing/vaccination or to the nursery.

23. Delay baby’s bath until the evening after birth versus immediately after birth.
24. I am willing to be up and walking as soon as possible so I can get leg compressors off sooner
25. I would like my Catheter out as early as possible, at the latest early the morning after surgery
26. Baby will sleep with me in the hospital bed. While I am sleeping, there will be another adult in the room with baby and me.
27. I will be nursing on demand and whenever baby is fussy to help stimulate my milk to come in and to soothe her.
28. If oral medication is used, I prefer orders to be written for me to be woken up for timely doses (not waiting for my request)

We appreciate your support! Thank you!!

Here we go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Change of Plans

WARNING: This is a vent! I had to interrupt scheduled posts for this one.. So bear with me, blog friends and family. This is what blogging is for- a venue to express thoughts. And boy do I have thoughts today.

To be honest, I'm a little freaked out...

I just got back from my 38+ week appointment, and within the last two weeks- our little girl has flipped.

The wrong way.

She had been head down since 28 weeks.. She dropped at 35, 36 she's still head down.. 37 I don't remember...

But I showed up today, and after he checked my cervix (which btw I AM dilating) and then asked the nurse to grab the ultrasound machine. Naturally, I assumed it was just to get a picture and check to make sure her growth or whatever was normal, especially since everything had been right on track- and I hadn't had an ultrasound since 20weeks.

But it was because he was concerned about her positioning- as he told me as the machine loaded up. I tried to take deep breaths and relax and just talk myself into "everything's okay.."
He showed me, she's completely flipped again. I just stared at the screen. I stared at him. I'm 12 days to due date. Really? Is this happening?

He said I'm too small to have a safe vaginal delivery with a breech baby..

The C-section is scheduled for noon next Wednesday.

I guess my Letter of Eviction actually worked.

I left the appointment trying to take deep breaths, and relax..
I went straight to the hospital to talk to Buck. I NEVER bother him at work because of the demands of ICU nursing, but I just showed up, paged him, they sent him out and I busted into tears in his he was like 'what's wrong?!' and I cried, took a breath and blurted "she's breach!" and cried again.. and he hugged me and asked "what now?" Same pattern, and I blurted "I'm having a c-section next Wednesday!"

Cry Cry Cry

He was soo good, telling me that hey it's just breech, and this will be good! easier on you..we'll know she'll get here safe, hey at least we'll have her this time next week etc etc etc

I know it's not the end of the world. I realize I didn't need to cry and really might have been a little dramatic. I can also see the good in it..
But I'm a planner.. and I was planning on a regular vaginal delivery. I had just wrapped my mind around all the details that go with that, and I was comfortable!

A change of plans from a 12 day countdown to SIX has caught me off guard..

I'm just in shock, and needed to get it out.

Now, I'm off to research c-sections... and get my mind wrapped around it!

This will be good.

And this time next week, she'll be in my arms.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drop it like it's hot...

It's Official.

Snoop and Baby D have officially dropped it like it's hot.

She flipped head down by our 28 week appointment, and dropped by our 35 week appointment.

She has relocated to a new area of my body, and I'm ready for the next move. So as her landlord per-say.. I am issuing the following:

I am issuing 14 day notice for EVICTION. Tenant will have 14 days in which she can either gather her belongings and promptly vacate the premises, or wait until the final day. After which, she will be physically removed from the property.

She's being evicted due to breech of contract and destruction of property. Expansions only to the FRONT of the house, within reasonable limits, were discussed. Not only have these limits been exceeded, but additions to the back of the house were also made!

Remodeling and gutting of the home was never approved, nor was changing the initial layout and base structure. And due to property damage, there are now leaks in both the upper AND lower levels of the home. On top of which, the landlord has received numerous complaints about nightly disturbances.

After 14 days from this day that she doesn’t comply with the notice will result in immediate and forceful removal at my discretion, which may or may not include a dancing and shaking with "drop it like it's hot" background music.


2 Week Countdown has Commenced!!!

P.S. WHOA! Blogger decided to post this in Jan 2010.. Uh wasn't preggo then, thanks though! ;) So here you go..again!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Bucket List- How Much Time?!?

I know.. I know. A typical "Bucket List" is ideally started BEFORE a dealine... ideally. As much as I'd like to believe I live in an ideal world, I hate to inform you- I don't. My world shoots for ideal and lands somewhere in the area of scrambling chaos. It usually ends up being okay, not always ideal or perfect, but okay- this is my life. *smiles*

So for those of you that have been disconnected from social media since 2007 when it was highly publicized and need an oh-so accurate update from reliable ol' Urban Dictionary; they define a Bucket List as "A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket."

Learned it/Shared it- I didn't know/remember it came from 'kicking the bucket' and the evil side in me chuckles now every time bucket is mentioned.

Anyway.. so here are some things that are on my Baby Bucket List (things I wanted to do before baby comes).
At this point, most have already been completed but some are continual and I want to work on them while I am on Maternity Leave and of course as baby grows up. :)

They are in no particular order, just as I thought of them they got jotted! Here goes:
1. Acquire, assemble and arrange nursery furniture
Check! (Pictures to come on a future post :)

2. Organize all things baby into a system (easy to find, grab and use!)

3. De-Clutter! (Kitchen, office, entry closet, linen closet, guest closet)
Check. Check. Check. Check Check. *sigh... If Buck could only help me maintain... ugh!*

4. Organize! (jewelry, shoes, junk drawers [Buck has one, I have one], bathroom, work office)
Check. Check. Check/Check. Check. Check. Yeeeeaaahhh!

5. Find, take and complete an early childhood development class (my alternative to Lamaze)
Check! I only missed one class! Better attendance than I had in college- ha

6. Pay off my credit card (my job is the mother of all shopping temptation!)
75% Check to date. ;) It would have been IF I hadn't kept shopping.. lol

7. Have a better relationship with my husband (more of everything! General communication, quality time together, spiritual bonding and intimacy)
Check. Although this is still a WIP (work in progress for all you non-accounting nerds)

8. Forgive my mother.
working on that one... here's my motivation:
“Is there someone in your life who perhaps needs forgiveness? Is there someone in your home, someone in your family, someone in your neighborhood who has done an unjust or an unkind or an unchristian thing? All of us are guilty of such transgressions, so there surely must be someone who yet needs your forgiveness.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland, “Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me,” New Era, Dec. 2008
"Now let me take a moment here to note that we must take care in our families not to cause spiritual or emotional snakebites in the first place! In much of today's popular culture, the virtues of forgiveness and kindness are belittled, while ridicule, anger, and harsh criticism are encouraged. If we are not careful, we can fall prey to these habits within our own homes and families and soon find ourselves criticizing our spouse, our children, our extended family members. Let us not hurt the ones we love the most by selfish criticism! In our families, small arguments and petty criticisms, if allowed to go unchecked, can poison relationships and escalate into estrangements, even abuse and divorce. Instead, just like we learned with the poisonous venom, we must 'make full haste' to reduce arguments, eliminate ridicule, do away with criticism, and remove resentment and anger. We cannot afford to let such dangerous passions ruminate--not even one day."
-David E. Sorensen, "Forgiveness Will Change Bitterness to Love," Ensign, May 2003

9. Get really good with God.
Another ongoing.. but it's progressing ;)

10. Master Pre-Natal Yoga.
Yup- check. Renting your core to your unborn child makes you relearn A LOT..

11. Build a stronger savings.
Make a plan, EASY. Save while still buying things for baby, Do-able. Save once it's all bought, Easy. There are always roadbumps in savings.. Another reason I can't wait for Maternity Leave is that I don't see my daily temptation to shop and still get paid... Yeeeaahh, perk!

12. Find peace with the job I do and have done at work.

13. Open conversation with Buck about the type of parent we each want to be.
Somewhat check.
The class was a great conversation starter; it covered development, discipline, and the influence you have on your child- even when you don't realize it. And also the TRUE beauty that you do NOT have to parent the way your parents did; you can like/dislike certain things and you can act on them the way you and your spouse see fit. But at least the conversation is started.. and it will be easier to talk about things as they come. :)

14. Create a postpartum workout plan.
**crickets on this one...**

15. Figure out something to pass my time while on maternity leave.
Besides baby and naps, things on the list could include scrapbooking, blogging, crocheting... any other suggestions are open- as this is NOT CHECKED.

There's my list. I hope 2011 will help me finish it! ;)

I feel accomplished, and happy that I still have things to work towards. :)
Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?

Just Dating...

Just Dating...

Engagement Weekend

Engagement Weekend
The night before he proposed in Kansas City, what an AWESOME weekend!

Engagement Picture

Engagement Picture
This is the picture we sent out on our wedding announcements. :)

Another Engagement Picture

Another Engagement Picture
This is actually one of Buck's faves!


This picture makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! And yes, we are in a phone booth! :)

The Day Before Our Wedding!

The Day Before Our Wedding!


I love this picture, because it was the first right after we got married, you can see how happy we were...

Manti Temple

Manti Temple
Here is where we were able to get married. I had my heels off at this point, so our true heights are showing- hill or not; I'm short!

My Wedding Gift to Buck...

My Wedding Gift to Buck...
Our first day married...My horse was ironically named Gator! :) And yes, I know it's disgusting we match... But I love it.

Two Days Married!

Two Days Married!
You can't look at this picture and NOT laugh... can you?

Big Chair!

Big Chair!
Here we are at Bishop's Castle- now THIS is a LoVeSeaT!


SO excited to be MARRIED!