Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Bucket List- How Much Time?!?

I know.. I know. A typical "Bucket List" is ideally started BEFORE a dealine... ideally. As much as I'd like to believe I live in an ideal world, I hate to inform you- I don't. My world shoots for ideal and lands somewhere in the area of scrambling chaos. It usually ends up being okay, not always ideal or perfect, but okay- this is my life. *smiles*

So for those of you that have been disconnected from social media since 2007 when it was highly publicized and need an oh-so accurate update from reliable ol' Urban Dictionary; they define a Bucket List as "A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term "kicked the bucket."

Learned it/Shared it- I didn't know/remember it came from 'kicking the bucket' and the evil side in me chuckles now every time bucket is mentioned.

Anyway.. so here are some things that are on my Baby Bucket List (things I wanted to do before baby comes).
At this point, most have already been completed but some are continual and I want to work on them while I am on Maternity Leave and of course as baby grows up. :)

They are in no particular order, just as I thought of them they got jotted! Here goes:
1. Acquire, assemble and arrange nursery furniture
Check! (Pictures to come on a future post :)

2. Organize all things baby into a system (easy to find, grab and use!)

3. De-Clutter! (Kitchen, office, entry closet, linen closet, guest closet)
Check. Check. Check. Check Check. *sigh... If Buck could only help me maintain... ugh!*

4. Organize! (jewelry, shoes, junk drawers [Buck has one, I have one], bathroom, work office)
Check. Check. Check/Check. Check. Check. Yeeeeaaahhh!

5. Find, take and complete an early childhood development class (my alternative to Lamaze)
Check! I only missed one class! Better attendance than I had in college- ha

6. Pay off my credit card (my job is the mother of all shopping temptation!)
75% Check to date. ;) It would have been IF I hadn't kept shopping.. lol

7. Have a better relationship with my husband (more of everything! General communication, quality time together, spiritual bonding and intimacy)
Check. Although this is still a WIP (work in progress for all you non-accounting nerds)

8. Forgive my mother.
working on that one... here's my motivation:
“Is there someone in your life who perhaps needs forgiveness? Is there someone in your home, someone in your family, someone in your neighborhood who has done an unjust or an unkind or an unchristian thing? All of us are guilty of such transgressions, so there surely must be someone who yet needs your forgiveness.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland, “Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me,” New Era, Dec. 2008
"Now let me take a moment here to note that we must take care in our families not to cause spiritual or emotional snakebites in the first place! In much of today's popular culture, the virtues of forgiveness and kindness are belittled, while ridicule, anger, and harsh criticism are encouraged. If we are not careful, we can fall prey to these habits within our own homes and families and soon find ourselves criticizing our spouse, our children, our extended family members. Let us not hurt the ones we love the most by selfish criticism! In our families, small arguments and petty criticisms, if allowed to go unchecked, can poison relationships and escalate into estrangements, even abuse and divorce. Instead, just like we learned with the poisonous venom, we must 'make full haste' to reduce arguments, eliminate ridicule, do away with criticism, and remove resentment and anger. We cannot afford to let such dangerous passions ruminate--not even one day."
-David E. Sorensen, "Forgiveness Will Change Bitterness to Love," Ensign, May 2003

9. Get really good with God.
Another ongoing.. but it's progressing ;)

10. Master Pre-Natal Yoga.
Yup- check. Renting your core to your unborn child makes you relearn A LOT..

11. Build a stronger savings.
Make a plan, EASY. Save while still buying things for baby, Do-able. Save once it's all bought, Easy. There are always roadbumps in savings.. Another reason I can't wait for Maternity Leave is that I don't see my daily temptation to shop and still get paid... Yeeeaahh, perk!

12. Find peace with the job I do and have done at work.

13. Open conversation with Buck about the type of parent we each want to be.
Somewhat check.
The class was a great conversation starter; it covered development, discipline, and the influence you have on your child- even when you don't realize it. And also the TRUE beauty that you do NOT have to parent the way your parents did; you can like/dislike certain things and you can act on them the way you and your spouse see fit. But at least the conversation is started.. and it will be easier to talk about things as they come. :)

14. Create a postpartum workout plan.
**crickets on this one...**

15. Figure out something to pass my time while on maternity leave.
Besides baby and naps, things on the list could include scrapbooking, blogging, crocheting... any other suggestions are open- as this is NOT CHECKED.

There's my list. I hope 2011 will help me finish it! ;)

I feel accomplished, and happy that I still have things to work towards. :)
Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?


Kassie said...

Good luck with your list! Get on it woman!! Don't you not have much time left?

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